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    The Hong Kong Private Faxline is a very convienient and cost-saving service for your global business. It can allow your potential customers in Hong Kong to send you a fax without paying any IDD charges.

    It is just like you have a virtual office in Hong Kong.

    By signing up with our Hong Kong Private Faxline Service, you will receive a Hong Kong fax number for unlimited fax receiving. All incoming faxes to that fax number will be forwarded to your email address so that you can view them, print them or file them at ease anywhere, anytime.

  • 1. What is the Cost?

    Monthly Fee : US$20.00
    Service Details :

    You will have a dedicated Hong Kong fax number for unlimited fax receiving.

  • 2. How to apply?

    Please enter your Company Name, Contact Person, Email Address and Fax Number below:

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    Email Address:

    Phone Number:

    Fax Number:

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