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    Now you can have your own Message Hub to handle your fax messages to and from China(86).

    The China Private Faxline is a very convienient and cost-saving service for your global business. It can help you to limit your cost in fax communications to and from China.

    It is just like you have a virtual office in China.

    By signing up with our China Private Faxline Service, you will receive a fax number in China (Shanghai or ShenZhen). All fax messages sent to this fax number will be forwarded to your email address so that you can view them, print them or file them at ease anywhere, anytime.

    Also, you can send email to any destinations in China via your Private Faxline. Our message switching centre will convert your email message to fax format and fax it out automatically.

    In this way, you can send faxes to China(86) without paying any IDD charges.

    A confirmation note will be sent to you when transmission is completed.

  • 1. What is the Cost?

    Monthly Fee : US$30.00
    Service Details :

    You will have a dedicated China fax number (Shanghai or ShenZhen) for unlimited fax receiving plus 200 free pages of fax sending to China, excess pages will be charged at US$0.10 per page.

  • 2. How to apply?

    Please enter your Company Name, Contact Person, Email Address and Fax Number below:

    Company Name:

    Contact Person:

    Email Address:

    Phone Number:

    Fax Number:

  • 3. How to send an email to a fax machine?

    All you have to do is to send the email to our Message Switching Centre (email2fax@mbfax.com) and specifying your Password and the destination fax number (country code + area code + fax number) in the Subject field.
    Our system will convert the message to fax format and send it to the destination fax number automatically.


    From: your_name@your_domain.com
    To: email2fax@mbfax.com
    Subject: ab123456 8621-2518-0131

    Assume ab123456 is your password and 8621-2518-0131 is your destination fax number in Shanghai(8621), China.

    The message can be composed either in English or in Chinese.

  • 4. How to send a picture, graphic or document to a fax machine via email?

    You can send the document or file as attachment. Our system supports the following file formats to be sent to a fax machine:
    English or Chinese .txt files, .jpg files, .tif files and .gif files.

    As limited by the fax machine, please make sure the file is of fax page dimensions, e.g. A4.

  • 5. How to read a fax file?

    Fax file will be converted into TIFF format before forwarded to your email address. The fax message can be read by any browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer.

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