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    The Fax-to-Email service is a new service brought to you by MBFAX.COM. It is a very simple and fast way of sending email. With this new service and our Email-to-HKFax service, your fax machine is converted to an Internet fax machine instantly. And most of all, it is not expensive. No extra investment is required.

    You do not need to buy any computer.

    You do not have to train up your staff.

    You do not require any Internet account.

    There is no additional charge for sending email!

  • 1. What is the Cost?

    The monthly fee for an user account is US$18 only. Each account can register 10 email addresses. You can send unlimited messages to those registered email addresses by fax.

  • 2. How to apply?

    Please enter your Company Name, Contact Person, Email Address and Fax Number below:

    Company Name:

    Contact Person:

    Email Address:

    Phone Number:

    Fax Number:

  • 3. How to send a fax to an email address?

    The operation is very simple. Just send you faxes to the fax number assigned to your email address and your faxes will be sent to that email address.

    Every email address will be assigned a Hong Kong fax number.
  • 4. How to read a fax file?

    Fax file was converted to JPG format before sending to the email address. The fax message can be read by any browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer.

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