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    This service is special designed for the users who want to promote their products or services to Hong Kong.

    Our Hong Kong Company Database contains 1664 classifications, with 72,370 companies listing which can assist our users to fax broadcast their promotion materials to the target companies in Hong Kong.

    The operation is very simple, you select the classifications from our database and email to us with your promotion material. We shall sort out the companies' fax number according to the classifications selected by you and fax out your promotion material to those fax numbers. After transmission is completed, you will recieve an email with the sent-log which contains the start time, end time, destination fax number and the status of the fax sent.

  • 1. What is the Cost?

    US$0.03 per page

    Minimum charge US$100.00
    We only charge the successful sent pages and shall not charge any failure pages.

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