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    What is MBfax?

  • MBfax is an Internet Fax Gateway enabling you to send faxes from anywhere in the world at the possible lowest rate to any fax machine all over the world.

    How do I contact MBfax customer service?

  • E-mail us at support@mbfax.com
  • Fax us at 852-2385-2631 for Hong Kong
  • Fax us at 853-391-2051 for Macau
  • Fax us at 1773-283-1825 for U.S.A.
  • Fax us at 86755-518-0131 for China
  • Send postal mail to P.O.Box 90142, Tsimshatsui Post Office Kowloon, Hong Kong

    How do I apply for a MBfax account?

    You can use our online application below, or we can fax you back a printed application, which you can complete and fax back to us.

    Please select a Plan to suit your requirement and click Send button below:

    Subscription Plan:

    How long does it take to set up an account?

    For Internet Fax Service, it is possible to get confirmation almost immediately. For other service, account creation takes from 24 to 48 hours upon receiving registration information, but can take up to a few days if sent by post or a month if fax line installation is required.

    How do I send an email to a fax machine?

    Put your Password and your destination fax number (country code + area code + fax no.) in the Subject: field and send it to email2fax@mbfax.com from your registered email address. Our system will convert the message to fax format and send it to the destination fax number automatically.


    To: email2fax@mbfax.com
    Subject: ab123456 1-773-283-1825

    Assume ab123456 is your password and 1-773-283-1825 is your destination fax number in Chicago, U.S.A. .

    Please note that our system is only actuated by the first recipient's email address equals to email2fax@mbfax.com and ignores the others.
    The Email message can be composed either in English or in Chinese.

    What is a "depost"?

    Deposit is the amount which MBfax will deduct your usages from. Once you had used up the deposit, we would then charge your credit card for another amount.

    Does it charge unsuccessful transmissions?

    There is no charge for unsuccessful transmissions of faxes without actual connected( e.g. line busy, no answer ). MBfax will attempt three times to fax out at 5-minutes period. If it is still unsuccessful, you are notified by email.

    How long does it take to fax using MBfax?

    The typical delivery time for a fax to its destination is 5-10 minutes.

    What is the Identity Code ?

    The Identity Code is the code issued to you after you have subscribed MBfax service which can be use to re-get your password if you forgot or to change your password.