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    These service is special designed for the users with huge usage in sending messages to a dedicate fax number in Hong Kong.

    The operation is very simple and straight forward. You just prepare your message (either in English or in Chinese) with or without attachment and send it out as a common email message to our Message Switching Centre. Our system will convert the message to the fax format and send it out automatically.

    After transmission is completed, you will recieve an email confirming the time of delivery and the result of transmission.

  • 1. What is the Cost?

    Monthly subscription fee : US$10.00

    You can send unlimit faxes to your dedicated fax number in Hong Kong during the subscription period.

  • 2. How to apply?

    Please enter your Name, Email Address and Password below:


    Email Address:

    Destination Fax Number in Hong Kong:

  • 3. How to send an email to a fax machine?

    All you have to do is to send your emails from your regisrered email address to our Message Switching Centre (mbfax.com) with your registered fax number as account name. Please make sure that your email address is same as the email address registered in our MBFAX services

    Our system will convert the message to fax format and send it to the fax number automatically.


    From: anyone@anyhost.com To: 85223852631@mbfax.com

    Assume anyone@anyhost.com is your email address registered in our MBFAX account and 85223852631 is your registered fax number in Hong Kong.
    Please note that our system is only actuated by the first recipient's email addres equals to Your_Registered_faxnumber@mbfax.com and ignores the others.
    The message can be composed either in English or in Chinese.

  • 4. How to send a picture, graphic or document to a fax machine via email?

    You can send the document or file as attachment. Our system supports the following file formats to be sent to a fax machine:
    English or Chinese .txt files, .jpg files, .tif files and .gif files.

    If your file is in other format, such as .doc , .xls, ...etc, please convert it into a .tif file before you attach to the email.

    As limited by the fax machine, please make sure the file is of fax page dimensions, e.g. A4.

  • For more informations, please contact us : Access Counter :

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